I met a company called the Zoo Lab on 22nd June , a woman named Hannah showed us some animals from the rainforest. She had shown us first a snail named Clank, her shell was made of our finger nails.The snail eats leaves and grass.

Next , she showed us a stick-insect, it looked like it was dancing. When it’s on your hand, it feels like the stick-insect is tickling you. Did you know that stick-insects can clone themselves once they lay their eggs.

Afterwards, we met a tarantula that was really dangerous, it has hairs that can make you have a diseace for 5 years! The fangs are really dangerous, this tarantula has 6 fangs. Did you know that the female tarantula eats the male tarantula, even the female tarantulas dad has to be eaten up.

Next, she showed us a snake, the snake has dangerous fangs and eats mice or rats.The snake’s skin looked like pixels on a computer but the pixels were smaller than an ant. The bottom of its body has a moisture on it

Finally, she showed us a normal rat. It was a white rat, it has a light red tail and dark red eyes. Once you stroke its fur, you feel like you are stroking a normal cat. Rats are in every part in the world,even in the rainforest!