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Here are a few blogs for you to go and look at. These are Year 4, 5 or 6 class blogs. Look carefully at what the pupils are blogging about, the quality comments and whether you can magpie some ideas.

Mrs Duxbury’s Year 6 Class Blog in Bury
Mr Lord’s Year 5 Class Blog in Bury
Mr Connor’s Class blog from Derby
Mr Frost’s Year 5 Class blog from Reading

Who and where are you?

Welcome to Class 4s Blog. If you are visiting this class blog from outside of SS Peter and Paul’s school community, please spare just 1 minute to leave a quick comment telling the children who and where you are. Pupils tend to have an audience of 1 (their teacher), if they are lucky, their work might end up on a wall. However, with a class blog, their learning can be seen around the world. Children LOVE to know a little about their audience so please leave them a quick comment.

The British Museum – Mummification

Luna, The Alien by Anora

Luna had her ears pop out, neck less, garbage,bloody red eyes , hairless body and headed alien trapped in a room.She had a skinny body like she never had food,her eyes were squeezing so much that she looked like a new born baby, her skin was orange and red mixed together  that it looked like a volcano was about to erupt. Luna’s nose were all sloppy like a jelly,her head was shaped like the oval of the spoon.

Vast Venom by Angela

A long nosed creepy woman , with a mouth that was covered by her dangling nose oozing with snot.Venom had eyes which were surrounded by vast  dark cicles as dark as the midnight sky. Her arms were tree bones langishing to be free of the thick skin they were trapped in.She had eyebrows covered in thick black  fur  they were arched in an unruly fashion.Calmly swaying her blunt ears drooped like an elephant .Her mouth was as dry as tree bark they were sucked like a some one fragile, but no ,she was as tough as a bear and she weighed six tons. Her pale peaky face shone boldly in light.Hre cheeks were trapped in her skin longing to be free and to roam around.Her head was bold it shined like the sun so you were able to loook at your reflection and admire your beauty or mabye you are pretty ugly like Vast Venom


Ogre Man By Zaid

An ogre.

A bold headed ogre.

A bold headed, fat ogre.

A bold headed, dark green skinned, fat ogre.

A bold headed, dark green skinned, fat legged ogre, standing there thinking whether he should smash the sink with his giant bat or not.

An ogre.

A freak that is bold headed, fat and has dark green skin, standing there, thinking whether he should smash the sink.

Description of an Ogre

A grass green Ogre with green slime pouring out of his nose and yellow teeth ready to tear flesh apart. He has 4 inch spikes launching out of his log like legs. A brown leather skirt, shooting out of his waist making him look like a hideous girl ,it has a smooth bald head that shines in the sunlight and long arms that flops about.

The Smoke Troop

A Smoke Troop his green, smooth,soggy skin, It’s big and vast feet smash into the ground metres below Earth, making the world vibrate.His long ranged arms swing like swings.His hands are bigger than his small, brainy skinny face that could seize millions of smaller animals. His sharp,rude and nasty language that spat green acid would pierce your feelings because his heart is solid rock.His colossal belly covers his feet, it weighs twice as much as himself without it. His plum nose is big and red with a pimple on the end it ranged out like a ruler. It’s sitting in the dead corner demanding for his food and smashing the tables in half if he is mistaken.

Imp Terror…. By Rebecca

   Imp Terror!

In a dark,mysterious train station there was a  thin,pale skinned imp with dark black eyes as dark as the midnight sky. This imp had long,twiggy  arms which were  two meters long,he was one meter long in width and he had  round ears as big as a baby elephant.This creature’s rib cage was showing underneath his dirty,leather  T-shirt,this creature smelt like a full dustbin that just got picked up by dustbin men,he was hunching on the platform with his back  bent,it had a dislocated spine,it was like a zig zag pattern.This imp is came from a different universe,which was Mars.                    

The ghastly troll by Jessie

A ghastly, pale, skinny troll that had extremely large ears, wearing ripped clothes,standing before the darkening window, squinting
for sight.The troll had a hanging nose clambering for a grip.Ears dragging along as if somebody was walking home with a broken leg.
Eyes glued together shut but somehow the seem to peep open just a little bit.Arms skinny to the brim.See-trough legs that you can 
see the bones. Clothes that are blue mixed with brown ripped to the end of there day.Soggy skin draping the troll from head to toe.
His body is shaking with fear like a he's been dragged trough Antarctica.Hair, bold like an egg.Claw hands scraping for light.

by Jessie 4S

The ugly green goblin by Tanvi

A green man,who is fat like a hippo and is holding a club in his hands.Tiny head and enormous body!A furious face wherever he goes and acting like a caveman(probably is one you never know) Legs like a log,nails like a twig.Ears sticking out like aeroplanes wing,Clothes so small they will fit a baby!He clutched his club to get ready to smash the sink as white as pearl! 

The Violent Goblin !! Shayna

A vicious Goblin cringed it’s eyes . It was hunched  like a grandpa but with out a stick. It had knobbly  knees and long ears . The Goblin had piercing red eyes . He had eyes like flying saucers . He had knees as small as a ball. It had ears like a stick being thrown at the ears. It had arms as thin as a stick and bones as weak as a skinny  person . It had ears as sharp as  a claw . His legs was as long as a log.  He had a head as big as a basketball . It had legs as thin as a snake. It had a nose as long as a sword .  It had  clothes  as ripped like he was homeless.

Leon, the voodoo man by Khyan

A huge ,hunchback  yelling . The sorrow cry made his poor ear drums burst. Dribble came falling down it’s saw mouth. He called himself…Leon, one of of the most dangerous species on earth.It yelled again to see if it answered.

Leon climbed to the top of it’s habitat to see if everything was gone.As the sun went by, Leon left his house to see the next country.


The nightmare of Snape, the holy terror! By Ben 4s

A horrifying, dreadful Goblin with bat ears and blinded eyes full of fury, Snape has a nose like the end of a spear. His nobly  knees were  shrivelled balloons and his pale long arms were twigs. He wore old, blue rags for clothes.  His locked eyes opened, in a split second he howled, in agony, he turned around…

Suddenly, his eyes full of lava, Snape’s old, crusty fingers turned into panther claws and his poor little face transformed into a furry, black face. His nose was pushed in like a snake.

The ugly woman

The lady,who had skinny arms like broken twigs,squinted her eyes as if there was something unusual.She had a long pointy nose with a face like the bark of a tree.Wings of a dragon were the shape of her long curved ears.She a had a tall watermelon shaped face with not even a little bit of hair.Crumpled hands like a bed sheet starting to wrinkle and forming little lines.Ribbed,torn clothes starting to slide down her shoulders,which were full of miniature bones.If you look at her you will faint,but let me tell you don’t go to meet her.Otherwise you will have the same ugly,ancient face.


That goblin has a bold head just like  a egg,that goblin also has ears like a bats wings. It also has a noes like spikes. That goblin has a twig shaped waist,it also  eyes like a demons. It also has a old and wrinkled face.It wore a old and broken cloth.

The house goblin By Christjose

A thin ,skinny and bony goblin.It has huge ears and it is 15 .5 cm long and wide.A nose like an end of a sharp spear.A  bold and old nightmare who wears a ripped  ,pathetic ,cotton shirt.He is  wrinkly and  has shaky  legs which he always shakes when he is nervous ,scared and afraid.


What is the answer?

Hi guys and Today I am going to tell you How to solve this problem and it’s a maths problem.

Max has £7690 in his pocket money,Sall has £7890 they need to multiply the money  to get a huge robot how much money did you get ?

Jerry The Joker

Jerry the joker

One day, a boy called Jerry,One day Jerry was in school mrs Fry said that everyone should go home and think of what they would like to be when they grow up and everyone will have a got each day. Jerry went home and thought, first he thought of  a superhero so he got costumes he flew out of the window but adventurely he fell out.                                                                                                                                                                 The next day, Jerry went to school Mrs said that Sam should come up Sam said “I would like to be a superhero i will fly out of the window.” “Good plan” Sam said mrs Fry. So Jerry was thinking of a fireman so Jerry went to the living room and he blasted the fire with water he couldn’t let go.What is going on? said Jerry’s dad rrrr…sorry.

The next day Mrs Fry said “Max go on.” I want to be a fireman. well done.He went home and thought and thought and thought he thought harder than before, he is very good at football so kick oh on it went to a man’s house so his dad has to pay for it.

Thursday morning Jerry went to school he was tricking Sam she was crying. Jerry was thinking about being a joker.After school he was thi

At the house

Once there was a girl called Ava, she had a happy life at school but not at home.This is how it all began…. One night when Ava was tucking herself in she heard a CREAK coming from her basement.Instantly she jumped out of bed, suddenly she got a coat hanger and the top of a basket and crawled downstairs at that moment she heard someone say “the girls coming”….

Naliyeni and khyan rap

We are the people who make money, but sometimes we are not funny. you can not blame us because we did not do the job.

We go to school , but we do not behave like fools. We learn and play because we are cool!

Dad is testing me on my times tables!

Today,is a horrible day. I am getting tested on my times tables! If I get one wrong he takes away my laptop and the next day if I get it wrong he will bans me from watching television and on and on. Horrible!

Write in the comments if anything is stressing you.

The Savage Bikers Skills Show

Collage 2016-05-19 14_58_29

On 17.05.2016 KS1 and KS2 were treated to a fantastic stunt bike show hosted by Savage Skills. They were excitingly dangerous. Please read more!

Building Bridges By Joshua

Joshua discusses with us how to build bridges in R.E.

100 wc


The stairs to the Basement!

In the shadows , other the hills a house is a horror the stairs welcome you in but never let you out. The host never before was alive he was a half ghost and half spider and man. His hands are as thin as ice and his voice is spooky and mysterious he was a stranger to everyone so he is a fright to the world in his fear like a cheeky devil holding the world. He chooses the pain to the people who are not fear he chooses who goes in… the Stair to the Basement. He has the power of death, live tomorrow and today who will enter and who will not he is lie Krampus the German nightmare but a very stroke handler. The pain of us is to not be afraid to enter. So be good or he’ll find you throw into that dungeon of where you’ll hear yourself die of pain!

Zaid and Christjose’s Year 4 Rap

We are the kings, we won’t spare you a pound unless you want to fight and punch the ground. We can be funny and take a joke not when we want to hit each other and start to poke. We are unbeatable we love to fight we really don’t care if it’s day or night. Jonathan is the slave he cleans up all day he cleans and cleans but he has to pay. We kings like to spy but now it’s time to say goodbye.

Jonathan and Jude boys year 4 rap.

Boys are funny, but there kind of cute they like to play music bands flute. Boom! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! everyone no’s there fake colour is orange but if you give us gold will give you a  porridge BOOM BOOM! BOOM! BOOM BOOM  boys are cool but not kind of poor, but if you really like us we will give you a hint more.Boys like to play all kinds of sports  



Homework – 100WC

Hello 4S for your homework this week I would like you to complete your 100 word challenge. Your prompt words are;

Lie Row Fly Chips Sweet

These can be included in any way in any order.

Get writing!

L.I: To use effective language to engage the reader.

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