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Toni’s rap!

She snapped her fingers, snap! snap! snap! Pay attention children and teach you how to rap. Just get the rhythm, just get the beat Drum it with your fingers, stamp it with your feet. This school is cool, Miss Grace… Continue Reading →

what I enjoy in year 5

I enjoy going swimming because I can learn different types of swimming. I also enjoy playing the violin because it sounds really nice when using the bow. I also enjoy doing indoor P.E because indoor PE has been my favrouite … Continue Reading →


I like  violin lessons when we get to learn different types of songs and when we start doing our warm up because it helps us get ready to start different songs and its really fun to use.  Sometimes it really… Continue Reading →

Velveteen Rabbit

In 5w we have been learning about the Velveteen Rabbit.This is a new toy that the Boy receives on christmas day.On this day the Rabbit feels superior than the other toys in the stocking!The wisest toy in the nursery is… Continue Reading →

The Velveteen Rabbit

This is a toy of many adventures. The Velveteen Rabbit was wedged at the top of a stocking with many other gifts proposed as a present to the boy. There was: chocolate almonds,a clockwork mouse, and many more. As the… Continue Reading →

Whole Class Violin Lessons

Dear 5C and 5W, When Mrs Sullivan was in on Tuesday she asked 5W a few questions about playing the violin.  Hopefully she did the same with 5C. Please comment on the blog what your answers and thoughts are to… Continue Reading →

First half-term over!

Dear children in 5C and 5W, We would like to hear what you have enjoyed the most during this first half-term in Year Five. It might be the swimming lessons in 5W if you’ve never been swimming before or it… Continue Reading →

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