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Welcome to 6R’s 2017 2018 blog. Scroll down and you will see a variety of content, from topics we have been studying in class, to independent posts created at home. Feel free to leave a positive comment where you feel… Continue Reading →


As part of a school-wide STEM week year six took part in a carousel of activities in the hall. Stations had been set up with various tasks to engage with. These included maths puzzles, balloon rockets, tangrams and a buoyancy… Continue Reading →

Mean Maths

We’ve been working on averages in year 6 today – trying to establish the average facial features in the class. Lots of measuring took place before the children applied their knowledge of finding the mean for a data set.

Tasty Maths

Year 6 helped out with the preparation for our big MacMillan coffee morning by making rocky road cakes as part of their Maths lesson. They weighed, cut and stirred their way to a delicious outcome, ready to sell their produce… Continue Reading →

Spooky Cott Writing

Year 6 were given the chance to brainstorm their ideas about a new chapter to be added to the book we are reading. Their focus was on how to describe that setting, so that the reader really feels like they… Continue Reading →

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