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avenning wrote: Year 4 Poetry assembly
The whole class worked really hard and performed fantastically during the practice and final performance of our class assembly. You can watch how they got on through the video with special thanks to Mr Bradley for filming. https://www.youtube.c (More)
avenning wrote: The Treasures
To finish our focus on poetry we focused on a poem called The Treasures by Clare Bevan. The children worked in groups to create a performance of the poem; adding actions and intonation. All of the groups did well and performed the poems in thei (More)
Shiv wrote: Homework
Time for homework, It's boring and bad, I cant stand it, It's so sad. I can play games, Or watch television , Homework boring homework, It's not that I care.   Homework boring homework, You are good in a way, It's good to graduate, B (More)
Subjects Subjects, Subjects, Subjects, Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy. I learn a lot at school each day, It is often fun and never queasy. ***** Maths, Maths, Maths, I like to times, subract and add. The numbers can be challenging (More)
Marloh wrote: RAINBOW
rainbow , rainbow rainbow red as red as a ruby rainbow orange as orange as fire rainbow yellow as yellow as a banana rainbow green as green as the grass rainbow blue as blue as the ocean rainbow purple as purple as a grape rainbow peach (More)
avenning wrote: Water Water Everywhere
Continuing with our focus on poetry we looked at a poem by Tony Mitton called Voices of Water. To help feed and inspire their poetic verses year four were able to explore water and the sounds it can cause, check out the pictures below. [gallery (More)
Jesse wrote: The Sound Collector
A man called Bob Dressed in all black and yellow He stole all of the sounds But he was a very young fellow   The sizzling of the frying pan The river crashing The young baby weeping ┬áThe water falls dashing The waving of the money (More)
The water in the storm says run The water in the shower says drip drop The water in the bath says fun The water in the jug says tip top   the water in the cup says drink the water in the ice says lick the water in your eye s (More)
Hand in the rainfall feel the rhythm of the gushing Hand in the toilet feel the rhythm of the flushing Hand in the sewers feel the rhythm of the trickling Hand down the hose feel the rhythm of the prickling Hand by the jug feel the rhythm (More)
Mwimba wrote: poetry homework
Scenes of The Seasons   The winter is cold,wet and windy Most of the time there is ice And maybe snow what most people like best.   The spring,the warmth is coming The flowers are blooming The sun comes out and (More)