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This book is a native American tale about Cherokee people. The story happens in a little cabin on top of the mountains where Tooni and Polly lived and how they get help from the Cherokee little people who lived in the trees to gather corns from their (More)
Mr Roca-Mas wrote: Tales of Vikings by Dion
A girl was taken by the Vikings when she was little and they had her as their servant. she was working and she was sent to the fire room to prepare their dinner and their was lots of music, chattering and fighting when they start to eat. The next day (More)
This is the story of Jenny who is always sad. She has a bag of worries following her always. At the end, she gets rid of all her worries by letting them out. I loved the happy ending. I learned that if I'm worried of something I should immediately ta (More)
I love reading this book and I have read through it many times. On every read when the bear comes at the end, me and my sister get a bit scared and lot excited. I also enacted this as a play at home along with my sister Aadhu. I like to replace the c (More)
I think this book is a good read if you like magic. "Spit Spat Spot.. be what you are not". Also I liked Flora's friend Harry who is mischievous and funny. I wish I could do a magic spell on my pet cats. The story is set in the Fairy School. Th (More)
One day two hunters went for hunting in the forest and they saw the Sabre-toothed tiger and climb the tree and hide but it was too late the Sabre-toothed tiger had already saw them so the Sabre-toothed tiger try to climb but it can't do it then sudde (More)
Ms O\'Connor wrote: The Darkness slipped in
This book is about Darkness Did you enjoy this book? yes Would you read this book again? no (More)
The story is and emotional noval which attracts many readers J.K Rowling's work has brought great success. This is the last straw it is time for Harry to defeat Lord Voldemort.  He must destroy all the horrcuxs and defeat the dark lord.  A story of (More)
yr wrote: Michael
This book is about Michael who always does naughty things. I think he is special and different than all the other children. I was surprised of the way the story ended. The story happens in the school setting. The characters are : Michael, teach (More)
Mr Roca-Mas wrote: Highwayman by Dion
The Highwayman was a robber and he was love with landlord's daughter Bess. One day the Highwayman came by riding to Bess and said ''one kiss bonny sweetheart'' also he said ''look for me by moonlight watch me coming from the moonlight'' then he gaole (More)