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I had a great fun time with Kristy, the bear. I first introduced her to my sister Akshu, she too was too excited to play with Kristy. I then introduced Kristy to all of my toys and Kristy said a 'BIG HI' to all of them. In the morning, I taught Krist (More)
[caption id="attachment_117" align="alignnone" width="224"] Dressed up warm for the park.[/caption] Liberty was very excited to have Kirsty the bear stay with her she made sure she introduced Kirsty to her little brother Logan and then kept Kirsty w (More)
Malachi and I had a super weekend! On Saturday we went to the trampoline park. It was amazing! We jumped on the trampoline and in the foam pits. On Sunday I went to church with Malachi and his mum, we prayed and then Malachi and I met Father Andrew. (More)
Kirsty the bear went home with me and my family. We had lots of fun. We played lots of games..cooking.. dancing and making a lot of mess for my mummy to clean up. In the evenings kirsty got tucked up in bed with me because it's so cold. We had a lot (More)
I stayed with Anureet from 9th December to 12th December . I met with Anurret's family. I played with Anureet she shared her toys with me. I visit park with Anureet, we played there, there were so many children to play with their parents. This wa (More)