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I really enjoyed looking after Nicole . We had lots of fun together. I want to thank Nicole for coming to my house. I hope we will be able to see Nicole when we go to Year 1! I hope Nicole enjoyed the visit too. [caption id="" align="alignnone" wi (More)
I was so excited because I took Nicole the bear to my house. First we had a drive in my daddy's car . We went to shopping .Nicole the bear was happy so was I . Later we played in the garden . My mummy made yummy food . Nicole loved the food . We wat (More)
This weekend Nicole went home with Amelia and got to spend some time in the garden, had lots of fun in School's Summer Fete and got to listen to a story about bears at bedtime. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="333"] Nicole is smelling laven (More)
RB wrote: miss fatima
Fatima have been playing with it whole week and sleeping with it we couldn't take pictures but she had great fun. (More)
Nicole the Bear came to stay with me and my family. I had lots of fun playing with her. I shared all my toys with her and we took pictures with some of my toys. We had breakfast and lunch together. Then we went out to enjoy the nice and sunny weather (More)
Nicole came to visit my family and i on Thursday 18th May 2017. We shared lots of cuddled at bedtime and my breakfast in the morning. On Saturday Nicole joined me at ballet and tap classes. She watched me with mummy. Nana, my cousin Kaya, Nicole an (More)
Nicole, me and my sister Aadhu had a lot of fun time together. I took Nicole to my ballet class. Then he came out with me shopping and i also took him along with me when I visited the optician.We went to a play center and took Nicole on a few rides. (More)
Nicole the bear had lots of fun at Mannat's house. He went swimming and he read lots of fun stories about princesses. Mannat also had a afternoon tea party at her house for Mother's day and Nicole had lots of fun eating delicious cake.   (More)
I took Nicole home on my bike to meet my family. We went to my aunty's house for a day to play with my cousins. They have a dog and chickens in their garden! We all helped feeding the chickens and we got one egg. We took the dog for a walk and (More)
RB wrote: Nicole & Yuvraj
3 February 2017. Yuvraj is so happy and excited to see Nicole. Yuvraj and Nicole play together and colouring together. Yuvraj and Nicole had dinner together and ice cream for dessert.After dinner they watch cartoons together.Yuvraj share bedroom with (More)