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Uranus is the seventh planet in the solar sytem and it has 27 moons.Uranus spins on it side because something knoked over there rings and that is why Uranus spins on its side.Uranus's bigest moon is''Tiania''.You can see Uranus in the night but,it is (More)
Four billion years ago, an enormous meteor crashed into Mercury. It created a masive crater called ''The Caloris Basin. Mercury takes 88 day to travel around the Sun. Venus is the nearest planet to us. It is the same size as the Earth. There (More)
Mr Bradley wrote: Our Space Themed Projects
During the half-term break the children in 2B completed a 'space' themed learning project. This included: baking poetry sky journals space mobiles. Here are some of the things that they made. (More)
gantd001.317 wrote: Space
Hi I'm going to share information about space. 1.Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. 2.Mercury has no moons. 3.Venus is hotter than Mercury even though Venus is far away from the Sun. 4.Venus is hotter than inside of an oven. (More)
bapta030.317 wrote: Facts About Five Planets
Hi i'm Alyssia. I have some facts about are solar system.                                                                                                                                 (More)