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kannk010.317 wrote: My Favourite Day
Today is my favourite day. We went to church and had so much fun. We went back to school and had our lunch.I was packed lunch, I ate chicken nuggets, pizzas and apples.I enjoyed my lunch then went out of the dinner hall. I played football. I enjoy (More)
bedik012.317 wrote: My Easter Diary (01/04/17)
On Saturday I woke up had toasted waffles for breakfast , the waffles were delicious I recommend you to try them. Next I watched TV , the channel I was watching was POP , on POP I  first watched Insectables , the main characters are Willow who is (More)
phallen wrote: Hansel and Gretel
Once upon a time, There was a family who lived in a tiny cottage in the woods. There was one brother called Hansel the other was called Gretal a girl. One day their revolting mother said to the dad "take them to the deep dark forest". Gretel was (More)
Today there was a new boy called Amerigo. When he came everyone was dead silent. The teacher said "be kind and teach him a lesson" Then everyone sat down and ignored him and didn't help him. HOW HE LOOKS? He looked all green and sick but he was (More)
Andrea wrote: To the Zoo
As I entered the Zoo, the animals starting to. say the word boo, Fist I sow a lion , roaring its way, almost seeing the orion' I gasped and was shocking , After I sow a gorilla , its name was Sprilla, Thank you for hearing (More)
There was once a dragon who had a child called Lavish he was the worlds cutest baby but he couldn't fight nor he would hurt any creature which worried his mother. When he got to his age of being able to fly all his friends flew like the wind but he w (More)
bapta030.317 wrote: My Half-Term by Alyssia
During my half term I went to my aunty's  house. Lots of my family were there (mostly cousins).We had a lot of pizza and for dessert we had cinnamon cake it was delicious! The next day my brother and his friends went out and they watched the lego Ba (More)
placa007.317 wrote: Facts About Rigel
Rigel is a star it is 11,000 degrees its is 54 million km big its 864.3 light years away from Earth Rigel is only 10 million years old it will die in a supernova soon!   (More)
diked004.317 wrote: My half term by Darlyn
In my spring holiday I have been baking lots of things like cakes, cookies, muffins and cupcakes. Today I went to the shop with my mum and she let me have lots of things like haribo, crisps, chicken, chips and other nice stuff! Anyway, on the way h (More)
In a far away land a land not on a map was a land where the emperor lived. He was the smartest man in the whole of his city. In his spare time he would love to listen to music which was fun for him but he would rather dance to it but he had never dan (More)